Teaching English in Indonesia (Help!)

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Teaching English in Indonesia (Help!)

Unread postby cirsurfce » 02 Jul 2010, 16:56


I've just registered here with the hope of finding some answers to questions and uncertainties regarding teaching English in Indonesia..

Here's my situation.. I have 2 BA degrees, in English and History (though not teaching), have worked in English a lot through jobs at newspapers,
and writing.. in my late 20's..

So what I really want to do is to teach English in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta. However, with no teaching experience or TEFL degrees, it seems
like it will be difficult if not impossible to find a job, no matter how experienced with the language I am.

To add to the trouble, at the moment (until October) I'm working in a national park in Wyoming, which is very isolated, and far away from any of the schools
which offer degrees, other than online. As for online degrees, what would actually be useful, that would help to get a job?

I guess it seems very far-fetched to get a job without direct experience, but I would still like to try my best. Being willing to do anything necessary is a benefit, I hope.

Please give me any advice you can, I'd appreciate it!! Thank you

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Re: Teaching English in Indonesia (Help!)

Unread postby markc » 18 Jul 2010, 23:41

I think you stand a good chance of finding work in Indonesia. If you have the money and time do a tefl certificate. This would be a help - mainly for your own confidence for teaching.

Then look online, of course, and apply to any jobs that seem attractive. You may find some, but if not just go to Indonesia and look for work on the spot. This is almost always the best way. Choose a city you are interested in, and go.

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Re: Teaching English in Indonesia (Help!)

Unread postby systematic » 17 Aug 2010, 18:12

If you have a degree, you won't need another one. As marc says, you may find it an advantage to have a TEFL certification. THere are online and face-to-face courses. Do search our forums for more information.

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Re: Teaching English in Indonesia (Help!)

Unread postby LyndseyP » 25 Jan 2011, 15:08

Hi Mark,

I taught in Indonesia (Jakarta) for almost 5 years with a BA and know many others who have done the same. Until recently it was possible to get a working visa even without a BA; however, a recent ruling (which seems to be enforced for the most part) requires English teachers to have it.

Indonesia has something called a National Plus school system which is made up of private schools which offer national & international components in their curriculum and aim to have international standards. This is where the opportunities for teaching with a BA (but without a teaching degree) do exist. Your BA in English will be especially good to highlight in your applications. A TESOL certificate would also add weight to your application.

Requirements for teaching at the international schools are higher. While a B.Ed. would be minimum, competition is fierce and Masters degrees are not uncommon to be found within the faculties. My children went to Jakarta International School (JIS) and there were several teachers there with their Masters or PhDs.

Private language schools offer another option. There are several English First franchises and other similar schools. As each school is operated independently, getting references from current teachers would be prudent. Again, a TESOL certificate would be advantageous on your application.

I hope this gives you a bit more information to go on.

Lyndsey Pratt
Oxford Seminars

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