employment chances, no degree, non native

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employment chances, no degree, non native

Unread postby johnjay » 18 Feb 2010, 17:08

I am seriously considering teachin english in Asia to start with but after reading all the different posts I realise my chances of getting employed are narrowed down by the following factors:

1) I hold no degree

2) My english is fluent but I don't consider myself as a native speaker, even though i do have a british passport

3) I have no teaching experience.

I can't really do much about 1) being 32 and having to pay bills I can't afford spending 4 years with almost no income only to get a degree.
I guess 2) is not such a problem for finding a job but would I lose credibility among other native teachers?

number 3) is the reason why I post this message, I want to start by taking an online TEFL course to get a taste of it, then going on site for serious training and teaching experience with real students.

Now, given my situation I would greatly appreciate some feedback or comments on this forum. Is it worth trying? Or will I most likely have serious limited options when looking for a job?

Thanks in advance


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Re: employment chances, no degree, non native

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 20 Feb 2010, 17:05

You will be limited but it's by no means impossible. You will have to look around in places like China and Taiwan and in the less sought after cities and regions where schools are willing to accept teachers without a degree.

This being the case, if you are there in person you'll be more likely to find work as you can present yourself in person, show them your qualifications and let them hear you.

Can you class yourself as bilingual? That might help.

And do please get some TEFL specific qualifications if you don't have one already or you'll be doing yourself and your students a disservice.

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Re: employment chances, no degree, non native

Unread postby johnjay » 21 Feb 2010, 13:43

Thank you Pete for your prompt reply!
I do consider myself as bilingual, my other language is french so I doubt it could be useful in Asia.
I plan to get some TEFL training, it would help me gain confidence. I'm less impressed by the exoticness of Asia compared to the excitement of a career change.

As for the degree, I realise it might be worth getting one, has anybody tried getting one through anything similar to the "open university"?

If yes, how long did it take you? between 3 and 6 years? did it cost you much?

I would be interested in finding out alternatives to the "open university" as the fees triple if you do not live in the UK (I really don't understand why as it's all done by mail or online).

If I understand well one can quickly get burnt out teaching without a degree and therefore no valid work visa or descent salary.

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Re: employment chances, no degree, non native

Unread postby systematic » 21 Feb 2010, 22:18

From your same enquiry on another thread on this board, I assume you are Suisse francophone. Have you tried enquiring at the Université de Bâle or the Université de Berne?
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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