Where to teach; bringing girlfriend?

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Where to teach; bringing girlfriend?

Unread postby GreenD08 » 05 Jun 2009, 11:13

Hi all!

Seeking a bit of advice from those in the know!

My girlfriend and I will be travelling round SE Asia for a couple of months then want to settle somewhere so I can teach English. I have a higher national diploma and will be CELTA qualified.

My girlfriend is Swedish (so cannot teach), she also does not have a degree. Which countries would let her stay on my visa and which would pay enough that I could support her if she is not able to find work so volunteers/studies instead?

The two countries I have in mind are Taiwan and Vietnam (both for different reasons) but want to weigh up the options before hand.

If it helps with visas etc, she was born in the Philippines but grew up in Sweden - but I understand that paid teaching jobs are rare in the Philippines?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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Re: Where to teach; bringing girlfriend?

Unread postby schwa » 19 Jun 2009, 00:29

The EFL in Asia site has lots of helpful information:

EFL in Asia - Taiwan Links

EFL in Asia - Vietnam Links

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