Can i teach in Hong Kong without bachelor degree?

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Can i teach in Hong Kong without bachelor degree?

Unread postby tooezy » 13 May 2009, 22:42

Greetings from the land down under!

Moving to Hong Kong, where i plan on teaching English at first and attending part time university. My main question is i have an impressive background yet no bachelors degree, can i find work teaching English in HK? My secondary question what university has the best reputation for economics/commerce/finance degree. Last and not least how can i gain permanent residency in HK. Need your insight please help! This is my story..

I am 24 years of age live in Queensland, Australia and have spent the last six years working for the same financial institution in Australia. I have numerous high school and academic co-curricular achievements, such as, high OP rating, first place for debating at GPS level (Maughn House Prize), Gold Coast Junior City Councilor, Student Representative Councilor, Global Young Leaders Conference USA, Round Square Representative and was even a House Captain and prefect.

I also have various certificates etc from working such as Cert 4 in finance, MFAA & FBAA membership, Accredited Mortgage Consultant and Cert 4 in IT. When it comes to my work i am extremely dedicated and put in long hours and also run several of my own business ventures from home. Some would say i am a work-a-holic.

I have consistently worked my way up through the ranks and have gained management status within my company. Somehow i was able to maintain employment throughout the financial crisis here in Australia. Recently my employer presented me with a three year contract to continue working, unfortunately for them i have out grown the company and wish to broaden my horizons and obtain a university degree. Furthermore i have spent the last ten years of my life working on several businesses of my own.

HK is the perfect place for me for to keep learning and growing. However lucrative my contract offer is i just cannot accept plateauing for the next 3-5 years. Therefore i have decided i would prefer to make significantly less money, initially, and have the chance to learn Chinese and make it big in HK either working my way up the corporate ladder or risking most my money on a new business venture in HK within the finance sector. My logic behind this is that while I am young I need to take high risks in life and really throw myself in the deep end, while i still have time to correct my mistakes.

I have read heaps about TEFL and TESOL certs and will be obtaining one shortly another attempt to better my chances in finding employment. In an attempt to get a head start i have started learning Mandarin with a personal instructor. As you can see i am dedicated and want to reside in HK although would prefer to study in HK and not here at home, i wish to meet people, network and learn Mandarin/Cantonese.

Please any feedback would be great!!!

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Re: Can i teach in Hong Kong without bachelor degree?

Unread postby jonmonca » 26 May 2009, 16:31

I wish you luck mate.I just got back from a year in HK and it left something to be desired for me.
It is highly cut throat in HK and particularly in the finance world.
If you love pollution,rain,greed and general rudeness then you may fit in?
For me it wasn't the shangri-la I was expecting.
Firstly I would start by changing the language.They speak Cantonese in HK and not Mandarin.
I cannot give you advice about TEFL there as I am also just about to get this cert.
I wish you good luck.

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