Interview for teaching in Hong Kong

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Interview for teaching in Hong Kong

Unread postby jmk1674 » 18 Apr 2009, 01:47

Can anyone who has recently attended an interview for NET Scheme ESL Teaching in Hong Kong, please tell me what type of questions are asked? I am very Nervous. :(

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Re: Interview for teaching in Hong Kong

Unread postby BLUESKY88 » 28 Apr 2009, 04:05

I had my interview recently. They ask a fairly wide variety of questions about your practical approach to teaching a class of 35 local children, including strategies for keeping them "on task" and disciplining the unruly if necessary. I speak Mandarin and some Cantonese, but they weren't remotely impressed with that and the NET member of the interview panel was positively hostile, so if you do speak Chinese think twice about mentioning it as they only want English spoken in the classroom. Dig out your PGCE/TEFL notes as they will probably throw in a few "technical" questions about formative and summative assessment or similar. Hope this helps.

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