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Advice on working in Asia

Unread postby thewattbadger » 08 Jan 2009, 03:38

Hi all,

I am about to start a TEFL course i to i 120hr weekend programme to be exact, and my plan is once I have finished to work in Prague for 3 months (as I have worked/lived there before not teaching though) to gain some experience of TEFL in a familiar environment, then to move out to Asia, I really need to know which COUNTRIES NOT SCHOOLS will not allow me to work their without having a degree, I would particularly like to work in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia over the next 3-5 years.

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to beginning my TEFL career and being a regular poster in this forum!


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Re: Advice on working in Asia

Unread postby systematic » 17 Jan 2009, 15:59

It will certainly be very difficult to obtain legal employment in schools in Thailand without a degree. Hotels or companies needing a full time in-house English teacher for their staff are not subject to the same requirement for obtaining a Work Permit, but if you apply for a visa on the basis of any teaching job, the consulate may insist on seeing a degree as they do not understand the difference between mainstream and corporate teaching.
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Re: Advice on working in Asia

Unread postby Doogs » 26 Jan 2009, 16:31

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