Japan or Taiwan?

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Toshiro Ming-Liang
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Japan or Taiwan?

Unread postby Toshiro Ming-Liang » 03 Jan 2009, 01:19

I'm new to the ESL thing and I've narrowed it down to Japan or Taiwan. If anyone has a suggestion about which country would be better for a first timer I'd appreciate it. Also wondering if anyone has experience with a recruiting company called REACH TO TEACH. They have job opps for me in Taiwan. Is it true that schools get "Raided"? The guy said it happens from time to time but it's no big deal.

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Re: Japan or Taiwan?

Unread postby engscot » 05 Apr 2009, 04:12

Japan or Taiwan...

Both offer you temples, scenery, chaotic streets, balmy beaches, eastern promise and a whole lot more... I would ask this... Are you choosing your dream destination...if so go with yor heart...if you want to save a good deal of money....choose Taiwan.

Also the fact that your recruiter is telling you that the school gets raided- hmmmm does'nt sound good....try HESS and Saxoncourt or Shane

If you need any other advice - drop me a note.

dave ;) :R:

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