Teaching/Working in Thailand (TESOL)

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Teaching/Working in Thailand (TESOL)

Unread postby Jamorn » 17 Aug 2008, 07:46

Hello, my name is Jon McDonell.
I have a few questions about working and or teaching in Thailand with a TESOL Certificate but no degree.
(I am aware that various threads on this topic exist, however I would like some answers more related to my situation).

I am an 18-year-old Canadian Student who has just returned from an exchange year in Thailand. I want to do everything I can to return as quickly as possible (next year after I've finished my final year of highschool). I have heard that in the past it was possible to get a job as an English teacher with a TESOL Certificate but no Degree - however the laws are beginning to become more strict in this area.

What I am wondering is: Will the fact that I have a strong grasp on spoken and written Thai (and an therefore better able to explain the course material to students) - and that I studied for a year in a Thai school, help me when looking for work? I am not looking for a super high-strung school perse, just something to allow me to live and survive in Thailand while also allowing me to save up a bit of money.

Also, if teaching without a degree is out of the question - are there other jobs available to foreigners which do not require the applicant to have a degree? (I am willing to take courses that each job may require - however as of I now I find myself unable to finish a Bachelors Degree due to lack of funds and time constraints.)

If anyone could offer some guidance, it would be greatly appreciated.

Jon McDonell: symmetry088@hotmail.com

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Re: Teaching/Working in Thailand (TESOL)

Unread postby systematic » 19 Aug 2008, 07:34

You will almost certainly not get a job in Thailand at the moment without a degree unless it's in an open air school hidden in a clearing in the jungle - and they probably won't be offering much more than a bowl of rice a day for a salary.

A degree is an absolute requisite for a work permit and teacher licence which will enable you to work legally without the risk of imprisonment and deportation. For up to date answers to your questions, try this new but sensible forum.Teaching in Thailand/
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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