Thai job info needed

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Thai job info needed

Unread postby emerald » 21 Jul 2007, 01:37

Hello out there,

I'm a first time user so just go easy on me.
I will be heading to Thailand from Korea in about two weeks.I've been working here and enjoying it for 4 years now.I would like to make a few contacts and find a job at a reputable institution.Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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Work in Thailand

Unread postby Barney » 03 Oct 2007, 02:41

If you are going to Bangkok talk to The British Council, International House or EEC.

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Re: Work in Thailand

Unread postby systematic » 21 Apr 2008, 14:53

Barney wrote:If you are going to Bangkok talk to The British Council, International House or EEC.

... if you want a job in language schools.

If you need tips on how to get a job in mainstream schools go here for 50 pages of information on living and teaching in Thailand. Note: they are not currently recruiting. When they do, they post an ad on
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