Korea? Japan? Anywhere?

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Korea? Japan? Anywhere?

Unread postby moon unit » 26 Apr 2007, 23:46


Although money is nowhere near the top of the list when it comes to reasons I got into TEFL, I've decided to go away and teach somewhere for a year with the purpose of making and saving some money and would love some advice as to the best place to do this. I've heard that Korea is the best for saving, and as I would love to experience Asian culture too I'm thinking of Korea as my destination.

What does everyone think? Where is the best place to go?

Thanks in advance
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Unread postby Comenius » 28 Apr 2007, 19:09

Top spots for saving money (meaning factoring in cost of living and amount of pay) are Korea, Taiwan and pretty much any of the countries around Saudi Arabia.

There are places that pay more, but have higher costs of living, and so your net savings won't be as high.
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