OK guys newb here got a few questions.

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OK guys newb here got a few questions.

Unread postby DarkDude » 14 Apr 2013, 23:46

ok so im having no luck at all on the job front here in the uk. being too qualified for the lower jobs and not qualified enough for the better jobs, so im falling down the cracks (applying for over 100 jobs per week). Anyhow whether or not i can find any employment, (on the Dole atm) i plan on saving up ( once im out of my 2 grand debt) to sit a CELTA Qualification, as ive always dreamed of working in Thailand or China. The Problem is i dont have a degree. i did two years of a social work degree but quit in my third year due to personal problems at home, and 1 year of a photography degree but financially couldnt cary on, and everyone is saying you MUST have a 4 year degree to find work.

i mean the qualifications i have are all over the place

Diploma Aromatherapy
Diploma Massage
Cert Massage
NVQ level 1 Painting and decorating
NVQ level 2 Gaming Operations (Casino)
NVQ level 2 Customer Service
NVQ level 2 Photography
OCB unit award Socialogical perspective
OCB Unit award Drugs Diseases pharmacology
Dodgeball Coaching badge
1 Alevel in english and of course my GCSES
im just in my 30's (31) and have volunteered in youth groups, as well as working in residential social work settings, and worked one-to-one with LD children and young people, but i have no degree like i said, would my qualifications account for anything at all or is it just a pipe dream. i really am new to all this thanks for any help (ps thats just a sample of the random qualifications i have)

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Re: OK guys newb here got a few questions.

Unread postby becki » 01 May 2013, 08:40

The minimum qualification to teach English in most countries, including Thailand and China, is a 4-year degree. It's not just the school that requires the degree. It's actually a requirement by the country. When the school applies for your work permit, they need to submit your original degree. They will not even accept a copy.

If you really want to teach overseas, I would recommend going back to school and getting the degree. And if you're going back to school, take a TEFL course. English teaching certifications really help in getting a good job and negotiating for a higher salary.

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