Do you have an idea for a warmer for a workshop?

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Do you have an idea for a warmer for a workshop?

Unread postby ngoclinh » 20 Nov 2006, 03:54

I forgot to ask you this. I intend to start the workshop with an warmer or fun activity to introduce the topic of my workshop "How to help students realize their full potential", in which I'll focus on 3 aspects: creativity, autonomy, and motivation. Do you have any ideas?

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Do you have an idea for a warmer for a workshop?

Unread postby Lucy » 20 Nov 2006, 21:16


You could show the three words written back to front. For this, you could reflect the words in a mirror and copy what you see onto paper or on the whiteboard. Ask students what the words are.

Alternatively, you could give a high speed dictation of a definition of one of the words. When you have checked the definitions, you can ask students to write dictionary definitions for one or two of the other words. Students write definitions in pairs, then compare their definitions with those written by their classmates.

Another idea is to do a running dictation with one of the definitions. Write the definition on a piece of paper which you pin on the wall. Put students in pairs; one student stays seated and the other goes to the wall to read the first part of the definition. This student returns to his or her partner and dictates the beginning of the definition. The person dictating goes backwards and forwards as often as is necessary for his/her partner to complete the definition. The person who remained seated then dictates the definition to the person who moved initially. By doing this, both students will have a written version of the definition.

Good luck with your workshop,


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