Where can I find texts for reading activities?

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Where can I find texts for reading activities?

Unread postby Alia » 05 Nov 2006, 15:12

Hello lucy
Now i need your help again
i teaches my students new reading activities.
in these activities the students must transfer the text into a table, charts, timelines or graphs. the problem is that i dont have much texts to train them how to use this skill. so can you give me some websites or names of books or students book that can nhelp me to get some exercises????

i searched on the intenet ut i didnt find any useful website.

waiting your reply>

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Where can I find texts for reading activities?

Unread postby Lucy » 08 Nov 2006, 19:52

Hello Alia,

This sounds like an interesting project.

I think you could try to get hold of documents from banks. Some of them have information about their services in English. If this isn’t possible in your country, try writing to the major British banks or looking on their websites. You might also be able to download information from these sites.

The information in these documents would lend themselves to the sort of activities you are talking about. Students could fill in tables that compare the bank accounts offered by various banks.

You could also try to get hold of annual reports from certain large companies. These usually contain graphs, tables and charts and texts that explain them. You could use just the text and ask students to fill in the tables.

You could also look at the websites of newspapers and magazines. For some of these you need to be a subscriber; but you might find sites that give news for free.

Good luck


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