Do you have ideas for low cost workbooks?

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Do you have ideas for low cost workbooks?

Unread postby alisonakay » 28 Oct 2006, 13:01

Hi Lucy

I will hopefully be starting out on my new career as a qualified TEFL teacher in the New Year and Ive been looking a workbooks on Amazone for the students to use.
I cant see teachers buying a book for every student as they are quite expensive, so what do the teachers do? Do they photocopy them and use them as worksheets?


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Using workbooks

Unread postby Lucy » 30 Oct 2006, 19:56

Hello Alison,

It is unusual for teachers to buy workbooks for their students. Some schools provide the books to students as part of their fees. Other schools ask students to buy the books.

I can’t really say what teachers’ habits are re photocopying books. It’s a personal affair. I don’t recommend it though because there are copyright restrictions. If you need ideas for exercises or worksheets to use with your students, many websites provide these free of charge (including this website).

Good luck with your new career!


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