Could you give me a mini lesson plan for "wh" ques

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Could you give me a mini lesson plan for "wh" ques

Unread postby njdiva » 25 Oct 2006, 02:21

I am presently taking an ESL grammar graduate course and I am required to prepare a "wh" question mini lesson for an intermediate 7th grade class. Can you offer any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it.


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Could you give me a mini lesson plan for "wh" ques

Unread postby Lucy » 29 Oct 2006, 19:55

Dear njdiva,

First of all I suggest you check that students understand the meanings of the “wh” question words. Prepare a list of “wh” questions and answers. Mix up the answers on a worksheet. Ask students to match questions and answers. Alternatively, have questions and answers on card; with one question or one answer per card. Ask students to match up the cards. For this activity, use answers that students will easily understand. The aim is to check understanding not to teach difficult language.

You’ll also need to revise word order in questions. Prepare some questions; jumble the words of the questions. You can put these on a worksheet or have jumbled questions on slips of paper – one question per slip. You can introduce an element of competition, if you like. You can put students in groups and give them points for completing quickly and for having the most right answers.

Finally, ask students to prepare questions they would like to ask a famous person. Pin these questions up around the classroom students move around, read them and vote on the best.

Best wishes,


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