I'm learning to teach, I don't know what to do

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I'm learning to teach, I don't know what to do

Unread postby Meme » 17 Oct 2006, 12:50


I have a big problem >>I am studding teaching English diploma this is firs semester but I faced many troubles I am so confused. I am not good enough in grammar and speaking. I need help to find methods of teaching English for middle school. I cannot find out how I can put English lesson plan. I have limited vocabulary. I do not like teaching I do not find my self in it but I have to try loving it.

I need some one to help me

thank you :oops:

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I'm learning to teach, I don't know what to do

Unread postby Lucy » 19 Oct 2006, 18:31


Your situation seems quite complicated. You have a lot of questions so I’ll answer some of them here.

I think it’s important for you to decide whether you really want to work as a teacher. It’s difficult for a person to teach if they don’t enjoy it. If you are in the first semester of your teaching diploma, it is wisest for you to make this decision now, before you invest too much time in studying something you don’t want to do.

You could try making a list of all the things you like about teaching. Also make a list of why you decided to study a teaching diploma. It’s possible that the beginning of the course is difficult for you and you are feeling demotivated. If you think back to why you chose your course you might find your motivation again.

When you have thought further about this, you will be able to make a decision about whether to continue; you can also speak to your teachers about this.

If you decide to continue, I think the next step should be to work on your own grammar, vocabulary and speaking. Try to find interesting and motivating ways to progress, this will give you ideas for working with students too. You can look on websites for learners of English; e.g. http://www.englishclub.com - ESL clubhouse. Start reading magazines and books in English; choose ones that you find interesting because you will be motivated to work more.

If you want more ideas, please write in again.

Best wishes,


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