Do you know any books for teaching primary children?

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Do you know any books for teaching primary children?

Unread postby susanmary » 20 Sep 2006, 19:15

Hi there
I think I've got a job teaching children in a primary school in Spain, I'm waiting to hear for sure, but I've very litle experience and wanted to ask a couple of questions. I'm CELTA qualified and have been a teaching assistant in a primary school in Spain since March so have some experience in the environment but not as the teacher... I'd really like to read some good teacher training books (I won't have time to do a course) and have seen the following books on Amazon and was wondering if you know/recommend them or can recommend any other books.Thanks in advance, Susan.
1) Teaching Children English: An Activity Based Training Course (Cambridge Teacher Training & Development S.) by David Vale and Anne Feunteun
2) Teaching English in the Primary Classroom by Susan Halliwell

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Unread postby Lucy » 21 Sep 2006, 20:40

Hello Susan Mary,

I know the book by Susan Halliwell and think it is excellent. I don't know the other book or the authors, so I can't comment on it.

Another excellent book for teaching primary children is by Ellis, Brewster and Girard. I'm not sure of the title though.

I hope this will help and good luck with the job.


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