How do I write objectives for practising listening?

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How do I write objectives for practising listening?

Unread postby Alia » 08 Sep 2006, 13:04

Hi lucy

I was so happy to receive your reply because i wait for your reply everyday.

To be clear about the tasks:

In the pupil's book i have these tasks:

1- Listen and point: In this task the teacher asks the ss to listen to to these words on the tape (desk- notebook- computer- workbook - chair...) and point to these things in the classroom while listening.

2- Listen and do
In this task the teacher asks ss to listen to specific action on the tape like (open your notebook- closs the door) and the ss must do what they listen.
3- listen and number:
in this this task there is a picture which contains pictures of learning aid like teacher- notebook- computer...). the ss must listen to sentences in that each sentence has one type of these aids. then they number the pictures according to the sentences.
4- listen and check.
there is a picture of teacher . students and map. The t asks ss to try to elicit what ss are asking the teacher. then they must listen to the conversation and chech if their ideas are similar with what they listen.
5- Read and match
There are two lists of oppposite words and the ss must read them and match the opposites.
6- Look and read.
in this task there is a picture of a desk and a sentence written above it which is (it is a desk). the ss must look at the picture and read the sentence and say if the sentence is similar to picture.

thanks alot
waiting your reply and relly i need your help and really i have much to ask you about.

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Help with lesson objectives

Unread postby Lucy » 09 Sep 2006, 17:43

Dear Alia,

Thank you for sending in this extra information. In example 1, listen and point, the students are practising listening for specific information.

Number 2, listen and do is also listening for specific information.

In number 3, the objective is also listening for specific information.

In number 4, it seems the objective is listening for gist, because the students are comparing ideas and not specific language.

Number 5 could be reading for specific information. However, it seems to me to be a vocabulary exercise rather than reading practice.

Number 6 is reading for specific information or again, language practice.

Please write in again if you have other questions. It will be a pleasure to help you.

Best wishes,


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