How do you tell a good job offer from a bad one?

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How do you tell a good job offer from a bad one?

Unread postby christa » 14 Aug 2006, 04:50

How do you tell a good Job from a bad job offer.I know that to avoid positions that say they wont be taxed but other than obvious signs like that,how do you weed out the offers from bad schools?

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How to tell bogus job offers

Unread postby Lucy » 16 Aug 2006, 16:53

Dear Christa,

You can never be sure about the credentials of future employers but here are some ideas for getting information about them.

Get the contract before you go and read it carefully. You can also show it to somebody at the consulate if you think it is necessary.

Ask to speak to current and / or past employees. Ask these people specific questions that address your concerns. Don’t treat the conversation as a nice chat. Pay attention to what they say and follow up on anything that seems unusual.

Put the name of the school on website chat forums and get others’ opinions and comments.

Do a “google search” for the name of the school to see what comes up.

Good luck with this; I hope you get the job you want.


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