What's the difference between clean and clean up?

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What's the difference between clean and clean up?

Unread postby chocalate » 10 Aug 2006, 05:37

Hi everybody,
can anyone tell what is the difference between clean and clean up and when do we use them, because i looked up dictioneries but i did not reach to any result. i will be happy if someone reply me.

best wishes :roll:

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Clean and clean up

Unread postby Lucy » 12 Aug 2006, 12:43

Hello Chocolate,

The word "clean" can be used as an adjective or as a verb. So you can say:

Her house is always beautiful and clean (adjective).


I've just cleaned my teeth (verb).
I spent the morning cleaning the house (verb).

"Clean up" is only used as a verb; this time of verb is known as a phrasal verb. Clean up means to clean something completely and thoroughly. So:

I want you to clean up this mess immediately. i.e. the mess will disappear.

"Clean up" can also be used to talk about crime.

The mayor's objective for the coming year is to clean up the city. i.e. get rid of crime.

Best wishes


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