Do you have ideas for teaching university students in China?

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Do you have ideas for teaching university students in China?

Unread postby MattRouss » 09 Aug 2006, 23:30


First, I am really glad to see so many people having the same interrogations, 2 weeks before starting this new experience. A lot of your messages are already helping me!

The fact is that Im going in Central China to teach to Uni students ( supposed to be beginner and pre intermediate) and I do not have certificate or major in English (And they know it). My major is in International Studies and Modern Languages.

So, Im here in Canada, freakin out about the method I should take when Ill be there. I would like to know how should I prepare myself, how should I organize my 45 minutes class and above all, have any relevant comments that you think is essential to know before leaving.

Thank you so much, I really need it. Comments from anyone of you guys will be appreciated.

Matt, Quebec, Canada

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First time teaching in China

Unread postby Lucy » 16 Aug 2006, 16:46

Dear Matt,

Well done for getting a teaching job.

Here are some materials or books you could consider taking with you to China:

One or two course books that you like and would feel comfortable teaching with. I suggest one at the level of the students and one slightly higher – university students will also need to be challenged.

A dictionary.

Also take a guide to methodology and teaching.

You can also look at my response to Omar on 28 February 2006 about materials to take with you.

In a 45 minute lesson, you can aim to spend 5 to 10 minutes going over homework. 5 to 10 minutes revising the previous lesson and 25 – 35 minutes focussing on new language or practising one of the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

You will need to get a balance between vocabulary, grammar and skills work. Reading and writing tasks could be set for homework. Listening and speaking are better done in class with the presence of the teacher. Grammar and vocabulary can be presented in class, reviewed for homework and reinforced in the following lesson.

Please write in again if you would like more ideas.


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