Where can I get info about teaching in Croatia?

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Where can I get info about teaching in Croatia?

Unread postby bc_english » 12 May 2004, 07:35

Dear Lucy,

Hello I dont know where else to put this, but I am trying to find out some information about teaching english in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia etc. If anyone knows where to look for the jobs, post CV or anyone who is there or has taught there, I would be a very happy boy to hear from you. :):):)

All the best to all the Gypsies around the world,

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Unread postby Lucy » 06 Jun 2004, 17:38

Dear Chris,

If you are looking for work in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia you could start by putting your CV out on the web. Englishclub.com is a useful site for this. You can also check out this site, Englishclub.com and others for jobs offered.

Another place to start is with the British Council. Look at their website. If they don't have teaching centres in these countries, they might be able to tell you where to start looking. Foreign embassies and consulates in these three countries might be able to help with names of schools to contact. The embassies of these three countries in London, or any other city, might also be able to help.

The Ministry of Education in the country concerned might also give you ideas. They might need native speaker teachers in their universities. Also think about contacting multi-national companies or large audit and legal firms that are setting up there. They may have training programmes for their staff and may need teachers. The Chamber of Commerce or other professional organisations should be able to give you addresses.

You could also try some of the larger EFL schools that have international networks, such as Bell and International House (ILC).

I wish you good luck with your job hunt and hope you will enjoy whatever job you find.

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