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TEFL assignment.

Unread postby benji85 » 11 Feb 2017, 07:21

Hi Guys,

I just joined this forum as Im really struggling with my 120 hour tefl course. I have a grammar lesson plan assignment that I am really stuck on. I have to teach the passive form in present perfect and past simple tenses. But I have no idea after having spent hours in front of the computer without being able to put anything down. I have to link it to a previous listening lesson plan which I have completed. However I can't find any passive or present perfect examples in the listening text from which to base my grammar lesson. I can supply more information if necessary but any help would be most appreciated! Either activities or explanations that I can give to the students! I have attempted to do this by myself but can't seem to start!



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Re: TEFL assignment.

Unread postby Lucy » 11 Feb 2017, 18:08


I can't actually do your assignment for you but here's an idea:

Is there any way you could link the topic of the listening lesson to the topic of your lesson on the passive?


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