I need a lesson plan for past simple, questions and answers

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I need a lesson plan for past simple, questions and answers

Unread postby erickavernon » 09 May 2006, 23:36

Could you please HELP ? :roll: I am planning a lesson and this is the objective;
'Past simple question forms and short answers'... also I need to know what would be the anticipated problems with them ???

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Past simple

Unread postby Lucy » 14 May 2006, 18:18

Dear Eric,

There are many ways to approach this grammar point, depending on the level and other work that you have been doing with the students. Here is one idea.

I would start the lesson by presenting a dialogue - preferably on a cassette, if not, as a written text. The dialogue should have examples of past tense questions and answers; the subject could be somebody’s last holiday or activities last weekend. First of all, ask the students some questions to check general understanding. Then focus on the language point; you could do this by using the same text with some of the target language blanked out. Alternatively, you could ask students to look for examples of the past simple questions and answer forms.

After this presentation, you will need to do some controlled practice; this could take the form of an information gap activity – students have information about the holiday activities of a number of people. No student has the complete information; they ask others in the class and listen to answers to get all the information. You can finish the lesson with some free practice where students ask and answer questions about their last holiday or weekend activities.

One anticipated problem is that students use a past form of the verb to make a question instead of using the base form. E.g. Did you went? Did you ate? Another anticipated problem is that in some languages the positive form of the verb is used to ask a question, e.g. you went to the cinema yesterday? What time you ate breakfast?

The above is a general guideline. I hope this it help but without knowing the students’ level, I can’t be more precise. If you write in again with details about the students’ level and age, I could give you more guidance.

Best wishes,


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