I need a lesson plan for describing appearance

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I need a lesson plan for describing appearance

Unread postby erickavernon » 30 Apr 2006, 23:19

Hiya and please help !! :roll: I am preparing a lesson plan for elementary level and the topic is describing a persons appearance, they have assumed knowledge of the present, past, question and negative form. I would like to know what target language I can use please ?? But not the modal verb 'can'. Thank you sooooooo much. :D

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Unread postby Lucy » 14 May 2006, 18:52

Dear Eric,

I apologise for the delay in replying, I have been on holiday.

For teaching appearance, the most natural language forms to use are:

The verb “to be” e.g. he’s tall; she’s short; they’re fair-haired, etc.
Have / has or has got / have got e.g. she’s got long hair; he has brown eyes.
The verbs “to seem” and “to look” are sometimes used; e.g. she seems cheerful, he looks interesting.

They will also need to know vocabulary such as hair and eye colour; tall, short, slim, large, etc. They will need to know the words for facial features: nose, eyes, etc (they should know this at elementary level).

It doesn’t matter that they don’t know the modal verb “can”, it’s rarely used to describe someone’s appearance.

Good luck,


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