How can I find out about schools in Mexico?

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How can I find out about schools in Mexico?

Unread postby lb111002 » 03 Apr 2006, 02:37

Hello Lucy, I am planning on getting my TEFL certificate this summer through courses at my university and plan to teach in Merida, Mexico in September if all goes as planned. I have one school that told me I could work there, but the pay isn't very good, so I was going to look for more schools in Merida. The problem is that I can't find many schools listed in Merida online. I know there are a good deal of them, but i don't see any listed when I look for them online. Do you have any idea where I would go to get a listing of schools and their contact information in Merida? Please let me know. Thanks a lot.


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Searching for schools

Unread postby Lucy » 09 Apr 2006, 10:48

Dear Lauren,

There are a number of ways to find the names and addresses of schools.

If you read Spanish (or know somebody who can help you), you could look at the on-line telephone directory, yellow pages (paginas amarillas). If you speak Spanish, you could also call telephone enquiries.

You could also try contacting the British Council in Mexico. In some countries, the British Council holds names and addresses of language schools. If the one in Mexico doesn’t have this service, they might be able to direct you to an organisation that does.

You could also contact chains of schools; for example, International House, Berlitz to find out if they have schools in Merida.

As Merida is a fairly large town, you might be able to get in touch with a library or tourist information centre. For the library, it might be necessary to speak Spanish.

You could also try the Ministry of Education, but I think that is a long shot and probably time-consuming.

I hope this will help you.

Best wishes,


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