I have a question about adjective clauses

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I have a question about adjective clauses

Unread postby michelle » 13 Mar 2006, 07:38

Dear Lucy,

Thanks for answering my question about "there's v.s. there are" as well as "runny nose v.s. running nose".

Here is another question about adjective clause:

(1) Peter is one of the boys who have blue eyes.
(2) Peter is one of the boys who has blue eyes.

I told my students I would use the fist sentence instead of the second one. Please tel me which is correct. Thanks a lot.


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Adjective clauses

Unread postby Lucy » 15 Mar 2006, 23:12

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for writing in again with another interesting question.

You are correct to teach the first sentence to your students.

In this example the verb conjugates with “the boys” and so should be plural.

Good luck!


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