Can you help with a demonstration lesson for an interview?

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Can you help with a demonstration lesson for an interview?

Unread postby msnc » 14 Sep 2005, 15:00

Dear Lucy

I qualified with the CELTA in March, but was unable to search for work / take up a Summer School position due to my Step-Dad becoming seriously ill. He's now recovered and I'm frantically applying for jobs - but not having much luck with it all (I don't have a degree.)

One of the jobs I've applied for wants all interviewees to give a short demo lesson and I've got no idea where to start! Their Ss range from 16+, Elementary to Upp Int and they teach general, business and exam classes. Have you any suggestions for me, please?

I am also unsure about whether I should be giving up the notice on my flat now, or waiting till I have a firm job offer. Ordinarily I wouldn't consider it, but seeing as many current jobs have October starts and I need to give a month's notice to my landlord, I am nervous about my lack of time for preparation and packing with regards to starting my new career and moving abroad!

Thanks in advance! :roll:

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Demonstration Lesson for Job Interview - HELP!!

Unread postby Lucy » 15 Sep 2005, 18:11

I suggest you ask the school which class you will be teaching. Explain to them that the first lesson with teenagers would be very different to the first lesson with business or exam students.

You can tell them that you would like to know so you can prepare. This will show that you are being professional and taking the demonstration lesson seriously.

When they have told you that, please write to me again and I can help you with a lesson plan.


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