How do I know if my qualifications are PGCE equivalent?

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How do I know if my qualifications are PGCE equivalent?

Unread postby scarmanus » 31 Aug 2005, 17:45

Dear Lucy,

I have received such controversial feed-back about my degrees that I simply don't know what or who to believe, and thus I tarted questioning my own diplomas and qualifications. Here is how I stand:
I am a graduate of Applied Foreign Languages, with English and French major (meaning that according to my University Diploma I am a Translator/Interpreter). In parallel with that I followed the Pedagogical Module for TEFL for 4 years (this included Child Psichology, Logics, Methodology and teaching practice in English, among other things). Besides my University degree, they also issued me a sort of Certificate that proves that I have this Module and the grades I got. Trouble is that all this happened in Romania and nobody can tell me if all I studied accounts for at least a PGCE at least.
My question is what do you think would be the correct English counterparts as far as my qualifications are concerned?

Thank you very much in advance,

PS. Luckily enough, there is no ambiguity about my MA in History which I got at the CEU in Budapest. :D

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PGCE equivalent or not?

Unread postby Lucy » 04 Sep 2005, 19:17

Dear Scarmanus,

I wouldn’t like to tell you what the correct English equivalent is. I believe it depends very much on how you want to use your qualifications, e.g. whether you want to register for a PGCE or whether you want to teach. The problem here is that all countries and schools ask for different qualifications. This is why you are getting so many conflicting answers.

I don’t know where you are based. If you are outside the UK, a good place to start is by contacting the British Council. They might be able to help you find the information you need.

You could also try contacting a college in the UK that does PGCE courses. Explain your situation and say you are thinking of registering on a course. They will tell you the next step to take and how your qualifications correspond to their requirements. You certainly have some of the elements of a PGCE but things are never straightforward across countries.

Good luck! With all your qualifications, you don’t really need it!


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