What tasks can I use to practise expressions of quantity?

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What tasks can I use to practise expressions of quantity?

Unread postby nickybrg » 16 Jun 2005, 00:24

I have this specification of a lesson plan:



FOCUS ON Expressing Quantity/Asking for things/Giving instructions/Language functions

a grammar area that has to be taken into account is the Imperative

What activity can I use to end a lesson like this?

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Expressions of quantity

Unread postby Lucy » 21 Jun 2005, 18:26

Dear Nicky,

One idea could be to put students in pairs. Each student in the pair has a different picture. They describe to their partner what they see and the other person draws what is being described. Obviously pictures contain items such as some books, a few letters, etc.

It's not easy to be more specific as I don't know what you're doing at the start of your lesson. Would you like to describe this to me?

You could also take a look at my reply of May 5th 2004 regarding a similar language area.

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