Can I use regular tefl resources to teach speaking?

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Can I use regular tefl resources to teach speaking?

Unread postby absas » 05 Nov 2009, 14:03

Dear Lucy,
Thank you for your quick reply.Discussions A-Z is not available around where i live.English file and the Headways series are available.Are they useful if i just want to teach speaking?There are many good talking point worksheets on the TEFL resources site.Can i just use these in my courses or do i have to use a workbook.Also please can you tell me what kind of homework i can give to the students?Thank you.Absas

Previous note on class being taught:

I am a new teacher who has moved to Pakistan from England.There are many students here who want me to help them with their spoken english.They want to improve their fluency,confidence and pronunciation.I have decided to teach 6-8 week courses.One and a half hours daily,5 days a week.

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Re: Can I use regular tefl resources to teach speaking?

Unread postby Lucy » 08 Nov 2009, 17:07

Dear Absas,

I'm sure you can use and adapt Headway and English File to teach speaking.You can take the speaking activities from those books and use them alone. It's probably better if you also do some of the associated vocabulary and pronunciation work. The speaking exercises sometimes follow on from a reading or listening activity. If you choose to do reading or listening as a lead-in, you should keep that short as the main focus of your course is on speaking.

As for homework, I suggest you just choose relevant exercises from the accompanying workbooks.


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