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Unread postby boblam » 09 May 2009, 12:55

For the first time in over 20 years, I find myself in a slight moral quandary.
I've been asked to teach a small group who have to do one university exam in English in their degree course. They're adults, and have sweated hard for several years to get close to finishing this degree.
One of them in particular has never studied English before, and cannot reach the level of the exam in time. I have learnt through the grapevine that the exam is organised in such a way that the teachers can drift around the exam room and help their students. My student has implored me to help him out.
Any reflections?

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Re: Cheating

Unread postby Lucy » 10 May 2009, 19:07

Hi Boblam,

My initial reaction is the same as yours, I don't agree with helping students doing an exam.

I suggest you find out from your colleagues what other teachers do and what the procedures are. It could be a misunderstanding on the part of the student.

Good luck. And why don't you put the question in other forums on this site to see what other users say?


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