Young learners studying with adults?

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Young learners studying with adults?

Unread postby fatma » 19 Mar 2009, 18:30

I have a class of beginners, where I'm teaching a 7 yr old and 12 yr old along with adults. Should it be like this, ie, is it ok? Because I feel that I have to cater to 2 different types of students. Most YL like to learn through games, most of which are not enjoyable for adults. I feel that YL's should have a separate class. Am I wrong?

Also, could you please give me ideas on what to do to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills, by suggesting different activities? I can't find much information on the Internet.

I usually give them handwriting sheets for writing (letters, numbers, words); running dictations; Slap game for vocabulary; and I have to finish their book, in a month. It's a lousy book that I don't like using - all i can do is drill with it (this is a book, this is a boy, who is this, who are you, what's her name, an apple, a dog, etc); it hardly has any activities.

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Re: Young learners studying with adults?

Unread postby Lucy » 20 Mar 2009, 14:12

Dear Fatma,

I totally disagree with young learners studying with adults. I think that neither group will benefit from what goes on in the classroom. Adults and children have different goals, needs and learning styles.

Of course, a teacher can split the students into groups by age but this really amounts to teaching 2 classes with 2 lots of preparation. I suggest you speak to your boss about getting the class split. I don't even agree with having 7 year olds and 12 year old in the same class but maybe there's nothing you can do about that.


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