How do I define a student's level?

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How do I define a student's level?

Unread postby FRANCOISE » 16 Jan 2009, 19:08

I am struggling with a task in my module. I find it hard to know what is the level of the student.Sometimes I feel it is written by a KEt, another time I believe it is written by a KET student can you help me please.
"(a diary) Yesterday night I go cinema. I see 'Titanic'. I very like Kate Winslet! Then this morning I get up 7 o’clock because I come to school by walking"
or if you just discuss it with me to give me an idea fo how to judge.
Thanks a lot.
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Re: How do I define a student's level?

Unread postby Lucy » 29 Jan 2009, 17:37

Hello Françoise,

To work out the level of a student, you can look at the following:

use of tenses
use of subject and verb agreement
word order
use of prepositions
use of linkers
use of vocabulary: does the student show a large vocabulary or not?
does the student use complex sentences or not?

You can then take course books at various levels and see which correspond to the student's use of language.

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