Just completed tefl course - how do I teach children?

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Just completed tefl course - how do I teach children?

Unread postby andrew » 07 Dec 2004, 13:29

dear lucy, i'm seeking advice, that's why i'm here! i will be completing my tefl course next friday, i feel confident about the outcome, as does my tutor. i have just been for an interview at a pre-school nursery, looks promising but, here's the question, i have had very little experience working with children, especially as a teacher of english, have you or do you know anyone who has insight into working with group of children. in advance of actually passing the course and getting the position, thank you

andrew x

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Moving from EFL course to teaching kids - where to get help

Unread postby Lucy » 09 Dec 2004, 16:16

Dear Andrew,

Of course you can write in with questions about teaching young children. I have experience of teaching them myself. We also have a Young Learner chat forum on this website where you can ask others for ideas.

I think it's great that you're planning ahead for your next teaching experience and I look forward to receiving your questions. Working with children can be fun and very rewarding.

Good luck for the rest of your course. It sounds as if you're well on the way to passing.

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