CELTA Application Pre-interview Task Help Please!

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CELTA Application Pre-interview Task Help Please!

Unread postby thebritishasian » 12 Nov 2008, 13:53

Hi there,

i'm currently applying to get onto a CELTA course but having a few problems with the task i've been given with my application form. Can anyone give me advice on the following tasks and tell me if my answers are correct or not.

Thank you in advance.
Ok here are the following tasks i've been given and the answers i've given to the questions:

What problems do you think students of English might have with the language indicated below? Please use the spaces provided.

1. “ The Prime Minister has left the country.”

“ I enjoy living in the country.”

My answer: The differences between the 2 sentences are that in the first one ‘the country’ is meant as a nation for example the USA is a whole country. However in the second sentence ’the country’ is meant as a particular section or rural area of that particular nation.

2. “ My brother’s a photographer.”

“ I’m doing a photography course.”

“ She has a photographic memory"

My answer: The pronunciation of all 3 words are different even though they are all spelt with photograph and they also have 3 different meanings.

3. “I bought a camera before I went through customs.”

My answer: The words bought and through are spelt in a very similar ways although they are pronounced completely different. For example ‘bought’ rhymes with ‘coat’ and ‘through’ rhymes with ‘shoe’

4. “I look forward to meeting you.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting you.”

“Looking forward to meeting you.”

My answer: The biggest differences with these 3 sentences is the time in which the person would meet. The first sentence would be an unplanned meeting, the second sentence would be a definite meeting in the near future and the third sentence would be a meeting that would take place very soon.

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Re: CELTA Application Pre-interview Task Help Please!

Unread postby Lucy » 15 Nov 2008, 15:42


Here are my comments:

Your answer to the first question is excellent.

Question 2, your answer starts off well "The pronunciation of all 3 words are different even though they are all spelt with photograph". The next part of your explanation is not so good and I suggest you omit it.

Question 3: also an excellent answer. I would replace "coat" with another word because it doesn't actually rhyme with "bought".

Question 4: this is not about the issue of time. It's about the level of formality.

Good luck,


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