What do I need to teach English abroad?

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What do I need to teach English abroad?

Unread postby QPROlly » 01 Dec 2004, 20:41

I'm 18 from London. (Sorry I don't know if this is an American website so if things are a bit different) I'm leaving school in June and taking a gap year before going to uni to do French and Spanish. I'm looking for work in France and Spain in my year out and was wondering if teaching english was a feasible option I took a weekend tefl course for example. I've been bombarded by so many courses on the internet when I've searched and heard so many different things. Some people say if can speak english and have any tefl you'll easily find a job, others say you need a degree, others say you need experience to get a job. I was hoping you could clarify things for me please. I already speak quite good French and Spanish and am only looking for something to help pay my way.
Thanks in advance.

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Can I teach in Spain without qualifications?

Unread postby Lucy » 03 Dec 2004, 15:04

Dear Olly,

I know it’s difficult to make a decision; especially if you receive conflicting advice.

Some schools require a degree and TEFL Cert, Others take teachers who have one or the other. Other schools consider experience as more important. They all have different requirements. However, I think it’s a good idea to do a short course, even if you choose to do a weekend course. It will help you when you start working if you have some basic skills and know how to explain language use.

One area you could consider is teaching private English lessons on a one-to-one basis. This area is more accessible to someone who doesn’t have all the formal teaching qualifications. Also some adults and teenagers need to practise speaking. This pays less than teaching but requirements for qualifications are lower. You could also find out whether assistant posts are available in state schools and universities.

You can also try applying to private language schools. Some schools provide training for their teachers, so fewer qualifications are necessary. Some large chains of schools do this.

I think there are opportunities open to you if you are prepared to consider all options.

The information provided in this forum is intended for guidance only. We can only provide general information as situations vary from country to country. It should also be noted that economic and political situations change. We advise you to contact embassies and consulates before making decisions involving a move to another country. Tefl.net cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make based on the information provided here. It is your responsibility to gather information about employers before accepting a job.

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