University Degree Requirement

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University Degree Requirement

Unread postby Dornroschen » 23 Nov 2004, 19:42

I am currently attending a University in the United States and will graduage with a BA in Political Science and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I see that most of the schools are looking for some certificate. I am assuming that having a BA is going to supercede this certificate. One problem I am facing is that I need to do an internship teaching BEFORE I graduate. I would really like to work in Europe and would like to be placed for a full year, as I have a young son and want this experience to be beneficial for him as well Do you know where I could go about finding such a placement? Thanks!

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University degree requirement

Unread postby Lucy » 30 Nov 2004, 01:06

Some schools require teachers to have a Bachelor's degree and TEFL Cert; others require one or the other; for others the fact that you're a native speaker is enough. The governments of some countries even stipulate that a degree is necessary for teaching; so schools have less leeway.

The qualifications necessary to get a job may reflect on the quality of the school and its teaching. You haven't said whether your university puts limits on the type of school you can work in but this is something you need to consider.

You could start by looking at language schools on various sites on the web and post your own CV. If you find qualifications are a problem, you can look at government or Ministry of Education websites. Some state schools and universities take on language assistants. These are not the same as teaching posts but they don't require the same qualifications as a teaching post. Another advantage would be that you'd probably have school holidays at the same time as your son.

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