How do I go about getting school accreditation?

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How do I go about getting school accreditation?

Unread postby jasminade » 12 Nov 2004, 13:08


I am the main teacher of a small private school in the process of expansion. And due to this, it is down to me to find the means that will allow my company to issue certificates to students that are accreditated with a teaching organisation. The school is in Northern Ireland, so either a British or an Irish organisation would be useful.

Please help, as the MD would like something set up before Christmas!

I thank you in advance.


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How do I go about getting school accreditation?

Unread postby Lucy » 13 Nov 2004, 20:38

Dear Jasminade,

I would really like to help with your question and I understand it's urgent if you want it done before the end of the year.

However, I am not entirely sure what your MD is looking for. Does he want to have the school accredited? Or does he want to offer exams that are accredited and issue certificates to those who pass the exams?

If he wants the school accredited you could start by checking with the British Council. They do this sort of work in GB but I'm not sure if they extend it to Northern Ireland. If they don't, they can probably tell you who does this.

If your boss is refering to exams, one place to start would be with UCLES.

Please feel free to write in again if you want to clarify the issue.

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