Applying for TEFL but not having 'A' Levels

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Applying for TEFL but not having 'A' Levels

Unread postby estif » 14 Jul 2008, 14:49

Could anyone please advise whether my application to a TEFL course would be subject to my qualification history being checked? I do not have the necessary 'A' Levels. Indeed, is there a chance of hampering my chance to teach later in any organization requiring that I have 'A' Levels? I am intent on taking the 4-week TEFL course.

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Re: Applying for TEFL but not having 'A' Levels

Unread postby Lucy » 17 Jul 2008, 11:47

Dear Estif,

I'm not sure whether course providers check qualifications. That will depend on the approach of each training centre.

It's important to bear in mind that in some countries it is a legal requirement to have a degree in order to teach. This is something you cannot get around, it is a requirement set by the government and not the schools themselves. I suggest you look into this carefully before making any decisions.


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