Where can I find short courses for teachers?

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Where can I find short courses for teachers?

Unread postby rosiestan » 08 Jul 2008, 15:46

Hi Lucy,

Could you please advise me of any short (1 or 2 day) short courses I can send my teachers on? I'm really looking at any areas that are tefl related...for example, a short course on classroom management, the use of phonology in the classroom, teaching the tenses or teaching Cambridge Exams.

I've looked on the net but haven't been successful in finding anything yet. Maybe I'm typing in the wrong criteria.

I am the DoS at a private school based in Pinner, so anything in the greater or inner London area would be great. :-D

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Teacher Development

Unread postby Lucy » 10 Jul 2008, 16:48

Hi Rose,

The first thing that springs to mind is International House. They have centres in London and Hastings. They might be able to prepare something specifically for your teachers.

You could also try contacting IATEFL in the UK. I am also available for training, if you don't find what you're looking for elsewhere.

I hope this helps,


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