What does the verb "to get" mean?

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What does the verb "to get" mean?

Unread postby shivanimt » 15 Mar 2008, 17:31

Dear Madam,

How would you answer a student who asked 'What does 'get' mean?'

Please help me with this.


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Re: What does the verb "to get" mean?

Unread postby Lucy » 16 Mar 2008, 16:56

Dear Sonal,

The verb to get has 4 major meanings, you can use some sentences to illustrate the various meanings:

1) to receive: I got 2 letters this morning.
2) to buy or acquire: I get my meat from the local butcher.
3) to become: he's getting older.
4)to take: I get the bus in the centre of town.

Kind regards,


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