Do you know any good books or websites for new teachers?

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Do you know any good books or websites for new teachers?

Unread postby margyf » 13 Mar 2008, 10:02


I was wondering if anyone knew of any great websites and books that new tefl teachers could use for lesson plans, game ideas, and grammar.

Im looking at teaching a mixture of groups and one-to-one so any books that can show the various.

Any ideas that any of u might have please feel free to comment as the prospect of going out there in a real life teaching situation is daunting so any kind help would be appreciated.

Peace to all

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Unread postby Lucy » 13 Mar 2008, 19:11

Dear Marg,

Have you taken a good look around this site and ?

Apart from that, you could google “efl teaching materials” and browse the sites you find. You’ll be able to see yourself which sites suit your style.

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