Can you help me with a lesson plan for a 1:1 business class?

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Can you help me with a lesson plan for a 1:1 business class?

Unread postby margyf » 11 Mar 2008, 11:02


I was wondering if anyone could help.

Im on the last part of this module and I havent a clue where to look for any tips or lesson plan templates for the below:

Here is a profile of a student and the answers to his/her needs analysis.

Level: Intermediate, has been learning English for 5 years

Job: Salesperson
Interests: Music, keep-fit, films, cooking and sports.

Areas he/she wants to work on: Improving speaking skills and grammar

Needs English at work for: Making presentations, meetings, socialising, writing e-mails, telephoning.

Learner style: Kinaesthetic

Based on the information above, write a lesson plan for a 45 minute lesson for this student.

Can any of you help with ideas of where to look what websites etc:

Peace to all


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Re: TEACHING ONE-TO-ONE Kinaesthetic Learner Lesson Plan

Unread postby Lucy » 13 Mar 2008, 19:22

Dear Margyf,

You could do some work on language used in presentations. Choose some typical phrases, e.g. today I’m going to talk about.....

Prepare cards with individual words on; ask your student to put them together to create sentences. This will take care of the kineasthetic aspect. Ask your student when and how the phrases are used. Then ask your student if (s)he knows any other useful language for presentations and correct where necessary. Then do some work on pronunciation of the phrases; ask your student to repeat after you and focus on the stress and intonation. This will take around 20 minutes.

You can then ask your student to do a spontaneous presentation of a topic (s)he knows well. If neither of you can come up with a topic, choose a TV programme, a film, an actor, musician. You can choose whether you ask your student to do the presentation without preparation or whether you will allow 5 minutes for him / her to prepare. Ask him/her to include the sentences you worked on at the beginning of the lesson.

Have your student give his/her presentation and note down errors and especially examples of good work. Go over the errors with the student; give him or her first chance at correcting them (don’t correct during the presentation).

All the best,


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