How do I prepare students for Trinity Exams?

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How do I prepare students for Trinity Exams?

Unread postby Dani » 14 Oct 2007, 18:06

Hi Lucy,

Please can you give me some advice on preparing students for Trinity exams. I'm starting a course next week with a student & the first lesson will be to find out her level. My school doesn't actually run the exams but we have to help prepare the students. I don't know anything about these exams, what do they test students on? How can I discover what level the student is according to the Trinity critera?

Thank You,

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Preparing students for Trinity exams

Unread postby Lucy » 15 Oct 2007, 18:33

Dear Dani,

You are taking the right approach by finding out your student’s level in the first class. It’s good to spend some time getting to know her and finding out her level, her strengths and her weaknesses.

In the Trinity exams, originally only spoken English was tested. There are 12 levels to the oral communication exam from initial to advanced. Trinity have now introduced exams at 3 levels that cover the 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Would it be possible to check with your school which exams your student will be taking and to write in again?

You can also ask whether anybody at your school has taught this type of class before and what materials (s)he used. You might find that there is a good bank of materials available. You can also take a look at the Trinity website:

Please feel free to write in again.


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