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Examining students abroad

Unread postby Louise » 18 Jul 2007, 13:25

Hi there,

I am currently teaching at a school run by a charity in Madagascar. My students are mostly young unemployed adults who are mainly studying English in order to help them obtain a job. I have very limited resources and am quite new to teaching. Most of the students are at elementary level.
My students have been asking if there is any way they can get a certificate so that when looking for work they can show the employer what level of English they have. However, I have no idea about how to go about examining the students in any formalish way or even if this is possible. I have not been able to find any language centres here who could help. I would be really grateful for any pointers you can give, or any ideas as to how I should go about testing these students so that they can get a certificate.
Many thanks


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How can I organise certificates for my students?

Unread postby Lucy » 21 Jul 2007, 11:53

Dear Louise,

If you have access to a computer and a printer, I suggest that you prepare a document yourself. I know this is not the same as a formal qualification but it will give a future employer an idea of what the person can do.

You can include the name of the charity, how many hours the person has studied, the level and a comment about their ability in some or all of the following: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing. The comment can be as simple as good, very good, excellent.

At the same time, you can continue contacting schools. It is very difficult to become an examining centre and I don't think this is the best option for you.

For ideas about testing, have you looked in the tests and exams forum on this site?

Best of luck,


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