How do I advertise my lessons ?

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How do I advertise my lessons ?

Unread postby rosie » 08 Jul 2007, 19:10


I've just completed the TEFL course, I realise its fairly basic, and am waiting the arrival of the further online study which I hope will be beneficial too.

I'm full of enthusiasm, feel reasonably confident, and raring to go.. just one hurdle to overcome.

I do not speak the language, how do I advertise my lessons, and get everyone together all in one place ? There must be other people who have come across this problem. Is there a standard flyer/advert you recommend?

What would be a reasonable charge for say 1 hour, I hope to have volume rather than charge too much per individual. Many thanks for your help

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How do I advertise my lessons?

Unread postby Lucy » 11 Jul 2007, 18:36

Dear Rosie,

You could take a look at this link for ideas about how much to charge.

As for advertising, you can place an ad in newspapers, libraries, noticeboards in public places, etc. You don't say which country you're in, so I don't know what the language is. If the language of that country is similar to English you can write a simple ad in English. If not, is there a native speaker who can help you write it?

Kind regards,


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