How can I find out which methods teachers use?

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How can I find out which methods teachers use?

Unread postby Kuzyn Elmo » 15 Jun 2007, 16:57

i there,
This very good friend of mine needs to prepare this presentation on "How would I make sure that the EFL (english as a foreign language) teaching methods she introduces would be met within the different/changing environments". She is to show how exactly would she make sure that the members of her team follow the methods she introduces. As it is to be of the work interview she's very nervous.
Apart from tortures and eavesdropping I can't think of any more Wink. Seriously though, would anybody here have some suggestions to put her in the right direction?

Would appreciate anything.

Kuzyn Elmo

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How can I find out which methods teachers use?

Unread postby Lucy » 22 Jun 2007, 17:17

Dear Kuzyn Elmo,

It sounds as if your friend is being interviewed for a post of teacher trainer or head teacher. As such, your friend will be involved in supervising teachers. I suggest your friend asks in the interview if there is a system of observations in place in the school. If so, then she will be able to observe classes and see which methods are used in class. If observations are not carried out, your friend could suggest introducing them in a greater scheme of training.

Another way to check is to actually ask the teachers what they are doing. I suggest asking very precise questions and digging deeper with each question; something like: “have you tried the task-based approach with your students? How did you feel using that method? What was the reaction of your students? What language point or skill did you teach using the method?” I think your friend will get a very good idea of whether the method was really used from the answers to those questions.

With this approach you can find out what teachers are doing. As I’m sure you’re aware, it is very difficult for anybody to impose their opinion on what teachers actually do in their classrooms. Teachers are independent people and are used to making their own decisions. I think that by taking an approach of training teachers, sensitising them to new methods and supporting them when they try something new your friend will achieve more than by policing them.

Kind regards,


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