Teaching practice assessment course of one week duration

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Teaching practice assessment course of one week duration

Unread postby engworkshop » 14 May 2007, 12:57

To whom it may concern

I would be interested in knowing if there is a one week inclusive course in the UK or Ireland of teaching practice externally moderated by professional TEFL teachers. I am a TEFL teacher in Italy and have been teaching for two years but feel I need external moderation. Can anyone help me on this topic?

Thanks. Elena.

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Teaching practice course

Unread postby Lucy » 18 May 2007, 18:25

Dear Elena,

I entered “TEFL course one week” into a search engine and this is what it came up with in the UK. I don’t know either of these centres so I am unable to comment on their suitability.



To find other courses you could check our TEFL course database at the link below:


You can also look at the link below for tips on what to consider when you are choosing a course :


Kind regards,


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