The English That Has Been Taught in China Until Recently.

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The English That Has Been Taught in China Until Recently.

Unread postby Hubert » 20 Apr 2007, 16:45

Dear Lucy,

What would be the best way for me to try and locate material that details whether or not the main form of English that has been taught in China until recent times has been the British or the American English?


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Unread postby Lucy » 25 Apr 2007, 20:20

Dear Hubert,

You could start by checking with the British Council. They should have information about both high schools and adult education.

Peter Easton has posted a reply to your question in the Tefl Helpdesk forum:

If you wish to continue communicating with him, I suggest you do it in one of the "open" forums (i.e. all forums except the Tefl Helpdesk).

Kind regards,


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